ROVO tennis clinic 2017Dear Sports Learner

I am conducting a FREE 30 to 40 minute intro to learning the Beautiful game of Tennis via ZOOM meeting. As this is a social webinar, I encourage ALL to turn on Video and Audio to interact FREELY. Yours truly will host the session and to make it more fun, I will try to balance out the Gender Ratio.

During this session, I will describe 
1. Brief Coaching Background Intro
2. Rules and Games
3. Cost of Equipment / Courts
4. Learning Locations
5. How long does it take to learn basic strokes
6. Potential Injuries to avoid through proper coaching
7. Potential Groups and Avenues to join after learning

Class Schedules
Monday to Friday (8.30pm everyday)
22 May to 30 Jun 2020

Once I receive your registration below I will reply you the zoom invite soonest based on your interested dates or suggested alternatives 
A session will be confirmed (at least 1 day before) once we have at least 4 participants.


Coach Albert Teo

Dear Beginner

This is a FREE intro (via e-learning platform) to the Game of Tennis. It covers 

- some history of the game 
- the names of the strokes used
- the types of grips used 
- which grips fit which strokes better

Before you can self enrol, you must login or create a NEW account (1st time)

Coach Albert Teo

Dear Learner 

This E-learning course ($10) will take you through the Tennis Forehand Swing Fundamentals
(If you are keen for Tennis As a Social Sports Webinar (FREE) instead please click here)

It is targetted primarily at Beginners who are embarking on Tennis Forehand lesson. It is also suitable for intermediate learners who want a better understanding of SWING mechanics, eg. players who have forehand swing issues.

The learning format mirrors exactly the learning progression I take a beginner or a group of beginner through the learning process at the very beginning stage of their Tennis Forehand learning process. 

Pleaes note that this course does not include MOVEMENT and hence should only be considered as a ACCELERATED bridging course towards onsite tennis lesson with LIVE ball feeding for the tennis forehand.

In place of my physical presence the e-learner will be presented with 
- written notes
- video demonstration of each stroke progression
- a QnA of each learning progression (to reinforce key concepts)

At the end of the all the Topics, you will 
- be able to submit a video representation of the finished stroke 
- be able to view my online evaluation of your submission

Min Requirements (in your home)
- A tennis racket (length does not really matter)
- Some Space to practice your swing without injuring yourself or others or fixtures in your home
- NO tennis ball is required. However if you have a garden or yard you may consider practicing with a light ball (red color ball hung with string attached to a holding pole by a partner)

Period of Enrolment
- 30 days from 1st day of enrolment.  Enrolment will automatically expire.

Detailed Course Topics

Before you can self enrol, you must login or create a NEW account (1st time)

Coach Albert Teo

Intellectual Property Rights
- Coach reserve full rights to all media content presented in lesson. Learner shall not copy, reproduce , share any media content presented in lesson, in any form whatsoever without first obtaining the coach's explicit consent.