Preparing for a Competitive Singles Match

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"Failing to prepare is preparing for failure"

Nothing is further from the truth in a one on one singles competitive match. If you are a club player starting out on competitions, I have drafted a sample template for you to use in any singles one on one racket sports game.

1. Advance Research
- Sit in , watch video , or recall and prepare written notes on your opponents key strengths and weaknesses
- does he have a powerful weapon ?
- does he have a favourite shot ?
- does he have a favourite pattern of play ?
- does he have a weak shot ?
- does he breakdown in a pattern of play ?
- is he very fit ?
- is he fast ?
- etc etc

2. Be aware of your strengths
- do i have a weapon in my armory ? 
- do i have a favourite pattern of play ?
- do i have  a weak shot ?
- am I fit ?
- am I fast ?

3. Plan your strategy
- Create opportunties to play to your strengths and prevent your opponent to play using his
- Play your favorite patterns wherever possible and prevent your opponent from using his
- If he is fast there is no point in making him run. Instead wrong footing would be a better option
- If you are slow recover early. Dont give him opportunity to drop you or wide angle you.

4. Execution
- Further analyse his weakness during the warmup hit
- Positive imagery of beating your opponent.  Recall mentally how you beat him the last time . Recall the winning sensation
- Regulate your breathing in between points (Dont feel rush )
- Apply pressure at the critical points. Increase momentum when you are pushed back against at a Cliff's edge. 
- Be aware of potential momentum drop e.g after a winning point. Allow momentum to ebb up and down but manage the down drop and accelerate on the upflow 
- Less is MORE.  Only focus on the most important tactics at execution phase. 
- If you are loosing points be acutely aware of his successful pattern of play against you. Mitigate those risks

Good luck to your upcoming game.

Coach Albert Teo



Albert Teo
Author: Albert Teo

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