Tennis As a Social Sports (Webinar)

Dear Sports Learner

I am conducting a FREE 30 to 40 minute intro to learning the Beautiful game of Tennis via ZOOM meeting. As this is a social webinar, I encourage ALL to turn on Video and Audio to interact FREELY. Yours truly will host the session and to make it more fun, I will try to balance out the Gender Ratio.

During this session, I will describe 
1. Brief Coaching Background Intro
2. Rules and Games
3. Cost of Equipment / Courts
4. Learning Locations
5. How long does it take to learn basic strokes
6. Potential Injuries to avoid through proper coaching
7. Potential Groups and Avenues to join after learning

Class Schedules

Every Weekday 
Mon to Friday 8.30pm
From 22 May to 31 Jun 2020

I will keep each session to a maximum of 6 people and it is free. 
Please register below.

Coach Albert

Registration - Tennis As a Social Sports Webinar

Please Select Your Date/s Preference (min - 1 max -4). All Sessions start 8.30pm
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How to achieve Precision + Spin in Tennis forehand

Dear Reader

In today's modern tennis, SPIN seem to dominiate most strokes.  But is it possible to have HIGH precision and HEAVY spin together ?

Well I believe the following players are able to achieve these day in day out
- Roger Federer
- Stan Warinka
- Rafael Nadil
- Gael Monfils

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Anchoring Body Rotation - Tennis Forehand

Dear Reader,

Much as been written about the TENNIS forehand mechanics from a Swing and Kinetic chain perspective.

Generally there has been a lot of emphasis in loading of the outer leg as part of the initial swing process. 
From the many videos that we see of PRO players on the circuits , it is quite apparent this is a very important component.

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Tennis Serve - How to MEET the ball to minimise contact errors

Sharapova Serving
Dear Reader

I am sure most of us season players have often experienced ball contact problems when serving.

As a coach I would break down the reasson due to the following root causes
- ball toss
- setup readiness

Many coaches focus on good ball toss, or rather how to get a consistent ball toss. But they forget about the readiness of the body setup to MEET the ball.

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