Learning to Take the Tennis Ball on The Rise

Learn to take the ball on the rise
Dear Reader, As a tennis coach, I have always been asked this question .. How do I take the tennis ball on the rise ?

B4 we go to the "HOW" perhaps I would like to share with you the "WHY" and the "WHAT"

Why do we need to take the tennis ball on the rise as opposed to on the dip?

Well the answers are
- taking the ball on the rise allows you to use the tennis ball's potential energy (height) and less of your own energy
- your opponent will have less time to react since "on the rise" equates to taking the tennis ball earlier
- you do not need to cover as much running distance (conserve energy for long matches)
- you create more angles when you play nearer to the net.

As such there are many advantages.
So "WHAT" do we need to do that is different from taking the ball on the dip ?

- you have to see the tennis ball earlier
- you have to be closer to the bouce point

And now the HOW

- always be ready to look early ie the moment your opponent hits the tennis ball
- prepare and set yourself up to hit b4 the tennis ball even crosses the net, and keep the eye on the ball as fall in front as possible
- Tilt your head to your left more(for right handed tennis players) and set yourself up such that the tennis ball traverse a path across your eyeball zone as opposed to the tennis ball traversing a path more directly heading towards your eyeball zone. Just imagine you are observing a oncoming bullet train. If you are directly observing the path of the train headon, chances are the train seem to approach very fast. However if you observe more from the train's side. the train seems to approach less slowly. Take the same analogy and think of the ball path as the path of the oncoming train and you will have a lot more time. even though you are taking the ball on the rise. Similarly with more time for observation your brain will be able to register the coordinates of the tennis ball path much better and that will result in a consistent hitting psition.

Try it and you will be amazed by your ability to take the ball early.

If you like me to take you further on this, let me know. In the meantime please do visit my best student website at http://junjietennis.multiply.com


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