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hi all

We like to welcome Sang Jua to our Intermdiate Tennis Group a group consisting of almost all who have some formal technical training under Coach Albert Teo

A quick intro on Sang Ju

He is a young 20 something tennis player.

He has a single handed backhand and possess good ball sense
He can rally back and forth.
His ball is hard and has good spin

As he is currently awaiting Uni entry , he has time on his hands and he is actively seeking hitting partners in this group.

Sang Ju : Some of the more enthusiatic folks who match your playing level and your age group include

- -Mike Xu at Springbloom
- Nik Lee (Hougang)
- Prash ad The Rivervale

Older folks but equally enthusisatic and keen include
- Han Pin at The Florida
- Peter Tan at Quartz
- Abi at The Estella

Please contact them for a hit today (you need to login to view their contact numbers)

He has court access in Bishan Condo

Sang Jus's player profile
Sang Ju's profile

All the best
Coach Albert Teo
"Ping me if you need lessons at 8one8one7112 today"