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Hi folksWe like to welcome Dixon Yeo to our groupDixon is- working in the supply chain industry for Chemical org- a Intermedaite player who recently worked with me on his single handed Backhand and his forehandHe would like to network with fellow intermediates and advanced intermediate folks to continue his training.He is staying in PonggolPlease contact him for a hit today.Dixon, Some folks who previously trained under my guidance who should be able to match you in terms of can login and ping them. Most have their HP numbers visible when you are logged in.Grace at Ponggol Prash at The Rivervale Liu He at The Rio VistaSang Ju at The Rafflesia Nik Lee at Sengkang Mike at springbloom (lor chuan) Peter Tan at QuartzAbi at The EstellaJulian at Hougang /a>Rgds